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Why Would You Consider a Cloud Deskop?

Working Remotely? 

A  Virtual Desktop or Cloud Desktop Will Transform your Business

Our client are always raving about how easy it is to work from home with a flip of the switch.  Cloud computing may seem complicated-it is not!  We will establish a USER FRIENDLY, POWERFUL and SECURE environment for your company. Out clients enjoy the flexibility to work anywhere in the world and have a fast and safe connection to their data and programs.



Imagine Working From Anywhere in the World on a Fast Network 


Using a cloud desktop gives you the control and ability to work from home, at your office or anywhere that has Internet access.  In fact, many CEO's are realizing that employees enjoy having the flexibility to work from home or at the office.  This is  results in a more productive and happy work environment and may save the company costs of running a large office.


Are Cloud Desktops Secure?


This is a crucial question that you should consider. There are many cloud providers on the market today, but who are they and can you trust your data with them?  We suggest that you go with the bigger companies like AWS or Microsoft Azure.  Below are the different programs we use to ensure your data is secure. They dominate the market and run very secure servers. However, you also need  to have the cloud servers and desktops set up properly and we can provide this service.

Your Cloud Desktop

CloudDesk 365, a Virtual Hosted Desktop

Cloud Desk 365 is powered in Partnership with Microsoft Azure Servers.  The hosted desktops are the fastest in the industry and maintain 99% uptime You cannot afford downtime and that is why many CEO's choose Cloud Desk 365.

  • Fast and secure Hosted Desktops

  • 99% uptime means you can always access your desktop

  • Hosted Desktops Secure Data for your company, letting you decide who has access to information

Two Factor Authentication

2 FA Makes Your Desktop Secure

2 Factor Authentication is a crucial component that should be used with an Hosted Server or Desktop. When you log in to your desktop you will be prompted to enter a 6 digit code sent by text to your cell phone. Maximum security with ease.

  • Increased security prevents malicious Log in attempts 

  • Access Data from any computer SECURELY

  • Consequat parturient lorem.

Data Backup

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Data

Is Backed Up

One important layer of Protection is knowing that your data is backed up. Data Back, is one of the layers of protection that will protect you form a Ransomware attack.  We also implement shadow copy so you can easily restore files and folders.

  • 30 days of stored image, folder and file back up

  • Shadow copy give you on-demand restore points

  • Additional back up with Office 365 One Drive

CloudDesk 365

Your Customized Desktop Solution

What You're Getting:

  • Your Personally Customized Hosted Virtual Desktop

  • Protected by an Anti-Virus program dedicated to prevent ransomware attacks.

  • Secured by 2 Factor authentication and Mutli-factor Authentication

  • Nightly Backups and shadow copy backups for easy restoration. 

  • Phone support and email support for all your IT needs 

What our customer says?

Jon Nixon


"I would recommend your services. My experience with INNERPC and CloudDesk 365  has been Great. I have placed my trust in your IT knowledge and you have delivered. Now we can connect to all our company data and files from anywhere! Also we can have employees work remotely with full access to our office server!  You are knowledgeable of current cloud based technology…Highly recommend."

Anne Johnson


"The single biggest benefit to me is that I have complete confidence that my Hosted Desktop will always have my Data


ClouDDesk365 is much more knowledgeable than any other company I have worked with in the past. If there is an issue with my software like Drake or Lacerte they are always able to fix the issue.  They are completely trustworthy and even though their fees are a bit more than other companies it is totally worth it. INNERPC dramatically cut down on my downtime. The Cloud Desk 365 is always available which is very important during tax season. I have had bad really experiences in the past with cheaper companies and actually lost money from the downtime.  Thanks to InnerPC, downtime is a thing of the past.


You will never find a better company. The support with INNERPC stands for Inner Peace for me. I can be completely assured that I will be taken care of, and in a timely manner. Others have helped me in the past, but INNERPC is absolutely the best."

Sung Park

Founder Custom Direct Promo

"We love the ability to work remotely on our computers - it is just fantastic.  We have a fast-paced business and we cannot afford downtime.


Since we started working with INNERPC our downtime has dramatically decreased which enables us to have a more productive day.  We also have two offices so having the ability to work in both locations and easily access our data is a huge bonus.   - and the support that INNERPC gives is top notch- they are great!   They are always there – they take the time to work on the problems and ensure that all work is done completely.


The support with ClouDDesk 365 is friendly on the phone and always gives  us creative solutions to our complex network. Not only do they take care of our emails, servers, documents and programs but they always have suggestions on how to run our business in respects to the IT department…THANK YOU ClouDDesk365!"

Benefits of The Hosted Virtual Desktop Free Trial

  • Get Informed

    Find out how the Hosted Virtual Desktop can help You...for FREE

  • Let Your Employees Try It

    We will help you configure the desktop so your entire team can try it out

  • Use your printers 

    Printing with Hosted Virtual desktops can be an issue, find out how your printers work

  • Test Out Your Programs

    Use this desktop to run all of your programs, and experience the speed and perfomance

  • Use the Cloud Desktop at home

    Test out the Hosted Desktop at home and see if it is as fast as at the office

  • Internet Speed

    1.5 gigs of internet bandwidth will have you moving data with lightning fast speed


Of Companies Use the

Cloud Desk

$50,000 +

Save Money and Never Buy a Server Again


Communicate with People via Teams


Grow ad Scale Your Business by %50, With No Over-Head Costs

ClouDDesk365 is Helping Companies

Become More Profitable

Imagine how easy it would be to scale your company with and IT department that helps you!!!

  • Scaling a company requires and IT department that can scale easily.  Now, you can spin up new desktops for employees in just a few hours.

  • InnerPC is the company that created CLOUDDESK365.  You must have realiable phone support in order to run and efficiant company.  This is where InnerPC excels.

  • With your cloud desktop you no longer need to purchase expensive servers.  Its all included within the hosted environment.  Just imagine not having to rebuild your entire IT department....ever again. 

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We help manage and implement all migrations to the Cloud.  This is highly detailed work which can be expensive. Included is a $500.00 discount for all migrations, if you decide to move to the cloud.

7 Days

Our Gaurantee 

If you feel that the trial was not worth the time and effort, please let us know .  We feel very confident that you will learn a lot about cloud computing and find our if ClouDDesk 365 will work for you.

Dan Fusco

Founder, InnerPC

Ariel Torres

CIO, InnerPC

Frequently asked question

1.General FAQs

Will I lose any data with the trial?

What if I have more than one person who need to use the trial desktop?

How long have you been in business?

ClouDDesk365 is a product created by InnerPC.  InnerPC as been in business since 2011 and helps many businesses throughout the country host data on cloud servers.  ClouDDesk365 came to life when realized through many trial that there is a near perfect way of creating a secure, fast Hosted Virtual Desktop.  We decided to bring our concept of how to build and use a hosted desktop to the Market in 2012. 

2. Support FAQs

Do you offer Phone Support?

What programs can I use on ClouDDesk365

How do I log into ClouDDesk365?

Logging into ClouDDesk365 is very easy. During the trial we will help you log in for the first time and it is as easy as clicking an icon.  Just imagine if your computer breaks and yo need a new one it will take ls than 5 minutes to set it up for use.

3. Billing FAQs

How much is does a Hosted Desktop cost?

How do I pay for a hosted desktop?

If you decide you like ClouDDesk365 then we will help build a system for your company. We send out invoices on the 25th of every month and payments are deducted on the 1st of the month

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